Dan Schmitt

Dan Schmitt

I Help Businesses Successfully Launch Their New Products In Canada

Building a Brand Strategy Webinar

Brand Strategy: The DNA Building Blocks for New Product Success

I very much enjoy teaching MBA students about key aspects of the consumer products business, and review with them the key new product fundamentals to achieve success.

During this experience, along with my participation in small company start-ups “Investor Pitch” events, I have observed there is a poor understanding of what a “Brand Strategy” really is. Natural Products Canada was kind enough to ask me to conduct a Webinar ( in July 2020 ) for many young entrepreneurial Canadian companies that are working hard on their career dreams.

My short Webinar presentation to these young Canadian Entrepreneurs on “Brand Strategy” is below and I hope the presentation provides some insights and guidance that will help all entrepreneurs dealing with consumer packaged goods become more successful!

Investor Pitches

The Essential Template Checklist to be Successful

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