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Investor Pitches: The Essential Template Checklist to Be Successful

I am honoured to have been invited by organizations to participate in “Investor Pitch Competitions” for Canadian Small Company Start-Up’s. Many presentations I have seen …

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Securing Retail Distribution: The 3 Most Important New Product Features – Buyers Look For!

For any new consumer product launch, achieving broad distribution through Retailers is vital to success. Retailers are incredibly judicious and fact-based when making their decision …

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Optimizing Pricing Strategy: Knowing the 5 W’s Will Help Get Your Pricing Right

If you forge a strong partnership with the retailer, your brand pricing strategy will be more optimized and deliver higher profitability! I remember back to …

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Building a Brand Strategy Webinar

Brand Strategy: The DNA Building Blocks for New Product Success I very much enjoy teaching MBA students about key aspects of the consumer products business, …

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Jigsaw Business Consulting Great Package Design The 3 “Must Do’s” Featured Image

Great Package Design for Products: The 3 “Must Do’s”

Introduction The vast majority of products, especially new products, don’t have the marketing budgets to proactively communicate their features and benefits to consumers before the …

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Product Pricing: The Most Important “P” of the 4P’s – And Most Challenging to Manage

During my CPG career, having launched over 200 New Products in Canada and around the World, there was always a complex challenge to establish and …

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